I'm New

We are an ordinary group of people, of all ages and backgrounds, who worship an extraordinary person – Jesus Christ. We hope you enjoy browsing our website – but if you can come and drop in to our office midweek, or visit us on a Sunday service, that would be even better! We’d love to meet you.

What happens at Church?

At all our church services we sing songs which contain great truths about the living God, we hear the Bible read and taught, and someone will say prayers.

Afterwards we enjoy morning tea or supper together – it is always a wonderful time to get to know people and encourage each other in following Jesus.

What should I wear?

God has no interest in what someone wears – and neither do we.  Please come as you are or as you feel most comfortable.

Does it cost money?

No.  The reason Christianity is such good news is that forgiveness is free because God has paid for it.  We are therefore really pleased to have people come to church free of charge, and do not wish guests to contribute to our costs.

Can anyone come?

The message about Jesus is the best news in the world, and is for all people.  Therefore we are delighted to welcome anyone and everyone - whatever your background, belief, or stage of life, please feel warmly welcome to come and visit us.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is a powerful friend indeed - someone the Bible speaks of as the King of all creation. Jesus has conquered sin, which separates us from God - and has also conquered death. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from death in victory. Today, he is alive and well!

Jesus loves us more than we could even love ourselves. He forgives our sins, he prays for us when he hears our prayers, and he cares about what is happening in our lives.

Ignore the hype - the best way to get to know Jesus is to understand what the Bible says about him, and that includes what he said about himself.

LIFE Course: Exploring Life's Big Questions

Join us for dinner and a chat about life's big questions. This free course runs for 4 weeks, on Monday nights. It includes dinner, a short talk and a Q & A. We look at questions like: Is there a God? What's wrong with our world? What are we here for? Get in touch to find out when the next course is running, or head to our event page (link below).

Connect Course

Connect Course is a great way to find out more about Latimer Church and meet some of our staff. It’s a three week course (one evening a week), looking at who we are, what we believe, what we’re doing, and how you might be involved. If you’re new to Latimer Church this is a great place to start!